Dear Educator,

Today our students face HEADLINES such as this:

  • School Shootings Hit Highest Level on Record, Federal Data Shows
  • America’s Involvement in Ukraine Increasingly Looks Like War
  • Mass shootings in 2022: US sees more than 250 so far

These conflicts challenge teachers and students to build a safer, more cooperative world. In an effort to assist teachers to meet these challenges, a group of educators created a series of standard based mini-lessons (30-40 minutes) suitable for grades 7-12.  The lessons foster critical thinking skills toward creative conflict resolution and alternatives to war.

ALWAYS Free and easily administered, the lesson plans are designed to supplement curriculum and to inspire non-violent solutions to conflict. The plans correspond to commemorative dates such as International Day of Peace, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and 9/11 (etc.). We look foward to providing monthly mini-lessons and encourage you to passing the word to other interested educators.

Educators for Peace